About Me

As a Certified Rolfer® and a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor, my holistic approach to complete mind-body health aims to support your path to a healthier life.

I’ve been a Rolfer since 2009 when I decided to use Rolfing to help others as it had helped me as a Rolfing client. A major elbow injury meant implanting a surgical rod, a long recovery period, and lots of frustration. Physical therapy, rest, massage, chiropractic treatments, acupuncture, yoga, and prayer didn’t restore strength or capability.

My right arm was all but useless until a friend recommended Rolfing.

Christopher Horan Holistic Health CR CFNC

Those Rolfing sessions brought not only healing that helped me regain full arm function, but also eliminated multiple nagging sports injuries that I’d struggled with for years. I was hooked. I’d always been physically active and wanted to get the most out of my body. Healing from injuries quickly and naturally meant I could enjoy a quality of life I thought was lost.

I was not only healed, I was also motivated to share this healing modality with others. Structural integration changed my life, and I wanted others to experience it – so I enrolled at The Rolf Institute® in 2009.

Rolfing + Functional Nutrition=Holistic Health

A little over a decade later, COVID-19 struck and the whole world was dealing with a health crisis. My wife and I were already health enthusiasts, but the downtime that lockdowns and patient safety concerns enforced gave me time to revisit my passion for natural healing. In 2020, I enrolled in the Functional Nutrition Alliance’s certification program.

The idea of looking at the body from a holistic health perspective, the whole you, struck a chord. Functional nutrition looks at each body individually, as a system unique to you. That appealed to me. The thought that I could meld a Rolfing career with a holistic health career? Perfect!

My clients benefit from this whole-body approach to healing.

Now that I’m practicing as a CFNC as well as a CR, my clients benefit from this whole-body approach to healing. Rolfing helps heal injuries and structural challenges, while functional nutrition helps you resolve chronic illness and generally not feeling your best.

How can you live your best life if you’re not feeling your best?

I invite you to learn more about my approach to holistic health and to take advantage of the combination of structural and internal health modalities I can offer you at Horan Holistic Health. Contact me today to get started on your path to a healthier you!

Christopher Horan’s passion for holistic health and human development has led him to collaborate with some of the finest Rolfers, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Nutritionists, and Body-Centered Psychotherapists in the community.  When he’s not working in his practice, Christopher can be found on the soccer field, running in the park, at the gym doing strength training, hiking & backpacking, reading, and enjoying time with his family.