How It Works

The “stuff” I’m working on

As a Certified Rolfer in Tacoma, Washington, the stuff I’m working with in your body is called connective tissue.  You’ve seen connective tissue before, it’s that milky white stuff that wraps around a chicken breast.  There are many different types of connective tissue but the ones I’m working with are the ones that make up your ligaments, tendons, wrap around all of your muscles, your nerves, and even help hold your organs in place.  Connective tissue is all over your body and it’s all connected to each other in some form or fashion to make a big network.

Postural improvement
One of the benefits of Rolfing, Structural Integration is that clients often have dramatic improvements to their overall posture.  Shortness or tension anywhere in the body’s connective tissue elicits a response How Rolfing Works - Austin Texas Rolfingin the entire system (body).  The body reacts similar to how this spider web would to the right, if you were to pull or twist one side of it the rest of the web/system would react and put tension throughout the system. Rolfing looks to unwind those unnatural tensional patterns and restrictions that get brought into our bodies through old and new injuries, sitting at computers, poor body usage, surgeries, etc.  During our Rolfing sessions at my practices in Bellevue & Tacoma, we will address restrictions in your tissues with manual therapy as well as go over exercises you can do to reinforce the improvement we’ve made during the session.  We will also go over workplace Ergonomics during your sessions

Joint Alignment
With a series of sessions, Rolfing progresses through the entire body to ensure there is the proper adaptability and support needed for correct joint alignment and function.  Chronic postural imbalances cause undue wear and tear on our joints as the forces running through them are no longer neutral and balanced.  It is of no surprise that, over time, the misalignment of a foot, or repeated ankle sprains are going to show up as knee pain and exposure to injury.

Nerve Inflammation
It is astonishing to see just how much of people’s pain and discomfort stems directly from adhered, compressed, or inflamed nerves.  It is very common to find some kind of nerve trouble surrounding just about every complaint out there.  When nerves become irritated they swell and harden causing tenderness to the touch, limitation to stretching, chronic protective muscle tension, mis-firing and poor coordination.  Working with and calming these pockets of inflamed tissue offers the body new possibilities for posture and movement as well as a direct relief from chronic and acute pain.

Muscular Strength, Coordination, and Movement
As a result of postural improvement, joint alignment, & calming inflammation the body gets to recover from injury and is freed from its preoccupying limitations.  Austin Rolfer Helps with Structural IntegrationThis renewal of vitality provides for a whole new sense of well being.  Our muscles are relieved of compensating for poor alignment, and they become more coordinated with each other, stronger and more efficient.  Yoga practices deepen, athletic activities improve, stretching advances, and sitting at the desk no longer hurts all day.  And the best part is…these new movement patterns help to reinforce the body’s structural changes so the work lasts longer!

Integrated Systems – Training

I have comprehensive training & experience in:

  • Posture  &  gait improvement
  • Lengthening muscle tissue, ligaments & tendons
  • Pinched nerves
  • Entrapped arteries
  • Upset or inflamed organ tissue (Visceral Manipulation)
  • Joint balancing
  • Bio-Mechanics  (how your body is supposed to move)