What To Expect With Rolfing Session(s)?

What Happens During a Typical Rolfing Session?

  1. Rolfing sessions usually last approximately 60 – 75 minutes.   Please print, fill-out and bring the Client Information sheet to your 1st session.
  2. At the beginning and end of each session (and sometimes during) we will check in with how your body is feeling.
  3. We will then evaluate your structure while you are in your appropriate Rolfing attire (see FAQ page for proper attire) in specific movements that will give both of us a chance to feel and observe the state of your body currently and establish where we would like it to be.
  4. We will then proceed with the actual work.  Clients are usually more active in the Rolfing process than with other forms of body work.  The work becomes more effective as clients participate in ways such as performing specific movements or paying attention to their internal experience.
  5. After the work portion of the session we will re-evaluate your structure by performing the same movements that were done at the beginning of the session so that we can look for changes.
  6. We will then discuss any questions you might have, upcoming sessions, and I occasionally will give you homework to either think about or physically perform until our next session.
  7. Rolfing Session payments are due at the end of every session.  I accept all major credit cards, cash or checks.

Ida Rolf Created this Process:

Ida Rolf found Rolfing to be most effective in the context of a series of sessions. The results of the sessions are cumulative and this allows us to more fully address your body’s restrictive postures and movement patterns so that you can get better and stay better.

Classically, Rolfing has been delivered in a ten-session series that addresses the entire body. In the “ten-series” treatment plan, the individual sessions aim to systematically re-sculpt the body’s major segments (feet, legs, pelvis, back, etc.) in order to relieve strain from accidents, injuries, and over- and/or misuse. When these segments are sculpted into a new shape and form they will subsequently work differently, allowing for new possibilities of alignment, freedom of movement, as well as improve posture.

Whether it’s over one session or ten sessions, healthier alignment, good posture and a balanced structure tend to relieve most painful symptoms, and increase energy and vitality; the body will only be doing as much work as it needs, no longer unnecessarily recruiting muscles to maintain faulty postures and patterns of compensation.  Many clients use Rolfing to manage both acute and chronic pain. This approach is often very beneficial and might not require the completion of a full series.

Rolfing Session Testimonials

1. I’m your average 33 year old man who works hard and plays harder; 4 months ago I hurt my back. This wasn’t the first time I’ve hurt my back and I’ve been seeing a Chiropractor for years. There have also been many turns, sprains, stains, tears, pulls and breaks along the way including an ankle which never healed properly. I’ve known Christopher my entire life and when he told me why he became a Rolfer and how Rolfing helped him when other treatments failed I figured I had to try it and hope for the best. After one session my shoulders were even, after the fourth session I had back all the motion in my ankle, and after the entire series I have regained most of the ease of mobility I had lost over the years. This with a better understanding of my body, how to use it and how to take care of it have given me back the ability to live an active lifestyle.Thank you Christopher for giving me back my life. I just got back from a 16 mile hike and aside from a blister I feel great.
Russ B.

2. I had heard of Rolfing before, but had never had it done before I met Christopher Horan. I knew (sort of) the value of doing the full 10 rolfing sessions, since it made sense to me how the body interconnects, but I am still amazed at the results that I have seen.
Rolfing has caused some permanent, and good, changes to happen to my body. My shoulders sit farther back now, without nearly the same effort I had to put into it (since we all know we need to sit up straight!). He cleared up a low back stiffness problem that had been nagging me for over 2 years, that regular stretching and yoga simply didn’t eliminate. It has been fascinating for me to see how a plantar fasciitis issue that I’ve had for a year is linked all the way up the side of my leg into my hip, and how releasing that immediately gives me relief. I am really interested in seeing how much my body holds on to the changes, and continues to change after the sessions are over. I am clear that in the quest to “age well”, Rolfing is, for me, an important part to keep me feeling limber — too many people resign themselves to stiffness and to being uncomfortable and chalk it up to old age, and what I see in these treatments, and in what other people have told me, that that is not true. Rolfing has given me back mobility and I know that we could all use more of that!

Dr. Marlene Merritt, Nutritionist/Acupuncturist, Merritt Wellness Center

3. I have never experienced Rolfing before, although I have always been curious about what it entailed. My session with Christopher Horan was amazing, gentle, and positive. He was very detailed in his assessment, and I was impressed with his knowledge of the body and its musculature. I also liked how he was able to detect the subtle scar tissues that formed in joints and misalignments in my skeletal system. At the end of the rolfing session, I felt relaxed, centered, and able to move my right shoulder (which had been intermittently giving me issues) easily and gracefully.
Anne Marie Pizarro – Integrated Energy Therapist – www.bodyendergyconnection.com