Rolfing Bellevue: Compensation

The fact that your body compensates is incredibly important.  If it didn’t compensate every time you got a new injury you’d have a hard time getting much done in your life.  Whenever you hurt or damage tissue in your body, that tissue often times can’t perform its normal function as efficiently as it normally can.  So, instead of your body just giving up and telling you to just lie down while the tissue is repaired it finds someone else to do the job while it repairs itself.  Adjacent muscles work harder, bones rotate to adjust to the change in bio-mechanics, ligaments & nerves stretch as necessary and soon enough you’re off on your way again.


The damaged tissue does repair itself while it gets the vacation from working.  This all sounds like a great plan, except somewhere along the way we run into a problem.  Your body isn’t so great at knowing that it can let go of the compensation.  You see, you’ve created a new pattern.  Your body is essentially lazy and is always trying to find the most efficient way to do any task.  It WANTS to save energy.  So you’ve created a new pattern and your body has had time to get good at this new pattern and wants to stick with it.  If you try to change that pattern it’s going to take WORK, and the body inherently doesn’t want to work harder.  So what’s the problem with that you say?  Well, this new pattern isn’t how your body was designed to function.  You’ve got muscles doing jobs they weren’t designed to do and you’ve got bones moving in directions that they weren’t supposed to be moving.  If your alignment is off on your car, your tires wear down faster.  If you don’t have the proper alignment and balance around your joints and through your body, things wear down faster.  Your body can handle the changes over a short period of time, but over an extended period of time things will wear down.


In My Rolfing Practice servicing, Bellevue, Seattle, & Tacoma, WA,  I evaluate your entire structure.  I look at all of the compensations that are going on in your body to get an idea of where the original source of the issue is coming from, which is most often nowhere near where you feel the pain.  Rolfing is set up to manipulate your soft tissue (fascia, nerves, organs, muscles, etc.) to bring better alignment and proper mechanics back to your body so that it functions at its optimal capacity and the pain goes away.  In short, Rolfing is very effective and undoing years of abuse to your body and the resulting compensation patterns.


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Clients receive Rolfing from me for Compensation Issues from all over the Puget Sound, including: Bellevue, Seattle, Renton, Redmond, Mercer Island, Kirkland, Lynnwood, Issaquah, Tacoma, Puyallup, Newcastle, Gig Harbor, Fircrest, & University Place.