What’s Next at Horan Rolfing? Pairing Full Body Systems Health & Pain-Free Movement

functional nutrition pain free movement

Functional Nutrition: It’s the next big thing for my practice. If you’re a Horan Rolfing client, over time we’ve probably talked about the right way to exercise (especially when trying to recover from an injury) and gut health. Hang out with me enough and you’ll quickly realize that overall health and healing is my passion. Building our natural immunity, understanding the power of our gut, the microbiome; these types of topics got me interested in functional nutrition.

What do you know about functional nutrition?

If you’ve been listening to buzz about the science behind functional nutrition, you may be familiar with the concept. The idea that to change your health for the better, you have to understand why you don’t feel your best today. It’s not all that different an approach than the one I take in Rolfing, that the symptom may not be the source of the problem, but it can help us find it.

Full body systems health is invaluable.

Functional nutrition’s goal is to not only help others get healthy, but also to teach them how to stay healthy. The idea is that you work directly with a Functional Nutrition Counselor – that’s me by year end – to determine what’s going on with your body, and how together, we can bring you to optimal health.

Why am I pursuing certification as a Functional Nutrition Counselor through the Functional Nutrition Alliance?

If 2020 convinced me of nothing else, it’s that overall health – mind and body – is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. Full body systems health is invaluable. Combine systems health and pain-free movement? We have a winner!

Rolfing Structural Integration helped me heal from injury and inspired me to become a Certified Rolfer. I believe melding Rolfing with the practical health approach of Functional Nutrition will give my clients a clear path to whole-body health and pain-free living. In the meantime, Rolfing remains center stage, with Full Body Systems waiting in the wings.

Helping your body function at its level best is a goal worth working toward. It’s the whole reason I’m committed to the program.

Christopher Horan is a Certified Rolfer passionate about his clients’ overall health and wellness. You can schedule your pain-relieving Rolfing session at either his Tacoma and Bellevue, WA practice locations using the website scheduling calendar